Traveling Massage Therapist

Here at GAIA body and mind we strive to accomplisch complete balance between body mind and soul, by using holistic and inuitive  technics in combination with classical training.

To me treating a client is a gift whether its giving a massage treatment or Reiki. Its comforting as well as motivating to accompany my clients to relaxation.

My name is Jovanka Baumgart im a licensed Massage Therapist. Aside of being a Massage Therapist I am also an licensed to give Reiki.

The way i distinguish myself from other Massage Therapist is by working with people to get them physically and the mentally well balanced so they can improve there level of performance, such as athletes or professionals.

Beforehand I discuss with my clients what it is that they want to achieve with there treatment at GAIA body and mind. That way i can personalize the treatment by making a mix of essential oils to give them the ultimate results. These amazing essential oil mixes are warm when applied to the body, this helps to improve the blood and lymph circulation.

 Treatments and Prices

To travel to Europe there is a minimum of 1 week, outside Europe the minimum is 3 weeks.

One treatment is 80 dollar per person.
1 week it’ll be 550 dollar
3 weeks will be a 1600 dollar
4 weeks is 2300 dollar

*All prices include ticket prices, also my stay should be arranged (No living money)
*These prices are for a maximum of 2 persons. To add an extra person it ll be 60 dollar per session.


How to make an appointment?
Appointments can be made by calling +31613748111 or e-mail at

What hours are available?
The traveling masseuse is available 7 days a week, call at least a week ahead to set up a time that works around your schedule.

What kind of payment is accepted?
You can pay via PayPal, bank transfer or cash.
*All Payments must partially be made in advance.